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Soil Line mapping/guessing

I am planning on digging a sump pit in my basement. For several reasons I'm planning on digging it immediately inside of the door to a walk-out stairwell (I know it sounds like a terrible place for it, but it is a messed up situation).

The main soil line is ~3' from where I plan to put the pit. There is also a second drain line from the kitchen (that runs down to the slab) that is on the opposite side of the proposed pit by about 4'.

Pictures tell the story much clearer -
The blue pit is the existing sump pit in the stairwell. This stairwell is outdoors and there is a standard door that is not shown in the pics.

The red pit is roughly where I plan to dig a second pit, indoors.

Main 4" soil ine is on the right, the smalled 2" kitchen line is on the left.

So, is there any way to tell where pipes may run once they go under the slab? (there is another drain line that it could go to)

Ive called around (clerks office, biulding dept.) to see if there are any plans/prints on record, no luck.

Worst case if I do end up digging where there is a line, the pipe would be below the slab, in gravel - right??

If I break the pipe how much trouble am I in? I have an image in my head of me standing in my basement w/ a sledgehammer and a geyser of sh*t shooting up to the ceiling.

Sorry for the long winded post!


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"usually" the cleanout is facing the direction of the line,,so as drawen ,,shown,,,it MAY be right there someplace,,,so is that where the actual cleanout points?? if that small line on the left drops right into the main out line,,,thats a "GOOD" thing,,if the line runs more right from the big stack,,,I would route that sink drain into the 4" and not drop straight down and run sideways horizontal under slab small. (they have a tendancy to get plugged easier what kind of pipe is under the slab? above??? I am surprised they piped 4" over the basement walk out and NOT straight down to where the small pipe goes in,,,IF thats where the main is. IF that pipe bothers your walk out,,,you could change that.

Spewing crap up to the ceiling???Not enough pressure to do that. but start as far away from where it most likely is,,,then rod over there(small poke rod to feel with) thru that hole and dig that way carefully. If your down 6 inches or more in gravel Or sand,or dirt,,,dont think sledging slab top will bust even cast!!!ONLY if concrete is touching the cast pipe tight,,,and I doubt that.

What age house is this?? General geographic area? alot of rocks in your subsoil??


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It is a 50 yr old house in central Ohio. The soil is clay, with some rocks ranging from golfball sized to chipotle burrito sized.

I ended up breaking out the slab for my new pit and the smaller 2" line runs across at an angle to meet the 4" line. The 2" line runs very close to where I've been planning to put my new sump basin, an 18" dia basin will fit though.

Ive dug my hole for the sump and the idea has crossed my ming to plumb the pump into the 2" sewage line. I know what the codes say and I understand why they dont want someone doing this, but I dont expect this pump to run unless we get rains of more than 2-3" in a day (maybe 3 times per year). I am also replacing 60% of the original perimeter drain, which drains into the sanitary system already.

SO, with that being said, how bad of an idea is it to tie it into the 2" sewage line? So far I am thinking of having a backflow flap-type valve in the pit, passing the pipe through the wall of the basin, then having a trap (this would be under the new slab in gravel) then tying this into a tee added to the 2" line via rubber gaskets.

I will post up some pictures to give a better idea.

Heres some pictures:

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