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Snaking help!!

Hi friends:
I have an old house and my bathroom sink drain was a bit sluggish last night, so I had the brilliant (not) idea of plunging it. Well, one or two plunges and I must have dislodged something because it's completely blocked and it won't drain at all now! In fact, I scooped out all the water out of the sink that I could and the bit that was left in the drain pipe only lowered about 2" overnight.
So, being pretty handy, I unscrewed the trap this morning (and pipes right to the wall) and there was nothing. It was completely clear. This is bad news. This means that the obstruction is in the wall somewhere. So, I think my next step is to snake the pipe where it goes into the wall. I did this originally a few years ago (when I bought the snake) and it didn't work. What DID work is calling a "clog buster" company who used high water pressure to get the pipe flushed and flowing smoothly again and it's been great ever since! Well, until yesterday. I've been beating myself up all day for trying such a stupid thing but all I can do now is hope there's a fairly easy solution.
I gave away my old snake so I guess I'll have to buy another one but any suggestions or prognosis's would be extremely appreciated.
signed, never diy again..


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phone the clog buster dude...


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If you've got zero movement it may be a bigger problem than I can speak to, but i had the same issue with my tub last year. The problem is simply 65 years of build up in my drains. Check out my thread here Product for reducing drain build-up, I'm in love . I let the pipe drain for a couple days and then poured this down it, as it recommends let it sit 6-8 hours, then try to flush it through. And do it again. Rather than just hit the clog it eats away at the build up of the surrounding walls so small things no longer create clogs. It worked so well I now use it monthly in all the drains of our house.
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Just don't use drano please
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