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smell from sump pump

help please, we just had a sump pump installed and there is a bad smell coming from it? we had our sewer line scoped but the lines are fine no separtation? what could be causing the smell? Rotten eggs?

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smell from sump pump

I am not quite sure I understood your post, but let me give it a try. You apparently have a rotten egg smell coming from your sump pump pit, which was just installed. I did not understand your question about the separation of the sewer line and the sump pit, are you stating that there is separation between the sewer line and the sump, or are you asking a question about the separation?

As for the smell, rotten eggs are typically associated with sulfur in the water, in particular hydrogen sulfide gas. Some areas have sulfur in the groundwater, and since your sump pit fills with groundwater, if you have sulfur in your water your sump pit could smell like rotten eggs. One way to check on this would be to see if your neighbors have a similar odor. To be certain, you can bring a water sample from your sump pit in to a chemical lab and have it analyzed for sulfur. If it turns out to be sulfur, one way to reduce the odor would be to put a cover on your sump pit. There are no simple chemical ways to eliminate sulfur from a sump pit, so the cover would seem to be a reasonable approach.

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smell from sump pump

sorry we did have our sewer lines check and they are in good shape. We thought the smell might be caused by a sewer line break. Which is not the case.

The back ground on our problem is we start to have water come into the basement thru a crack in the wall. while waiting for the company we hired to come fix it my husband tryed to patch the crack it work but water then started to come up thru the basement floor(another crack). So we had the wall fixed from the outside and a sump pump installed. we have been told by several neighbours this area has a high water table. Our home is about 60 years old. There is weeping tile (old clay system) which we are now wondering if the weeping tile is tied into the sewer system? maybe the smell is coming from there? The water in the sump pump is clear. We have no idea what to do next?
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