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Kory 11-26-2011 12:09 AM

Slow flushing toilet
I have lived in my home for 3.5 years and just this week one toilet has started to malfunction. It flushes really slow. The tank empties normally, but the bowl empties slowly. I snaked it without any yield. Then I thought it must be the drain pipe. I removed the toilet and snaked the drain - no problem. I put the removed toilet on blocks outside and it flushed like a champion. Replaced it and again it flushed slowly. I snaked and blew out the vent. No problem, but no improvement either. I bought a new toilet - It too flushed extremely slowly. Took toilet off again and "drain kinged" the drain pipe no problem - no improvement. One strange thing I noticed is that there is standing water about three feet down the pipe that stays the same even when I pour water down the pipe - looks like there is a P-trap below it. That doesn't seem normal to me, but the toilet worked well for 3.5 years. Any ideas?

Kory 11-26-2011 11:33 AM

slow flushing toilet
Would a bellly low spot be possible in a house with no crawl space/basement? The pipes are buried in the dirt beneath the house. If so I suppose I could dig under the house to fix it.

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