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Tiny207 10-06-2011 03:20 AM

Slow drip copper pipe
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This spot is a very, very, very slow drip... Discovered it after cleaning out my mothers basement a week ago, so I'm not sure how long it's been dripping before that.

Should I have that section replaced?

john4153 10-06-2011 05:41 AM

Are you absolutely sure it is a drip and not the result of a drop of flux from when the pipe was installed. Flux, if not removed, will oxidize copper and give a variety of colored salts, including the green you see. Some cleaners (e.g., anything with muriatic acid in it) can also cause similar deposits. If you clean it off, does it recur.

If it is a drip, I would repair it. Removing that section will also allow you to see what is going on inside the pipe that may have led to this problem.


COLDIRON 10-06-2011 06:19 AM

Replace section of pipe ASAP.

Mark Potter 10-07-2011 06:39 PM

Looks like hard water issue would cause that hard water will seek any weekness in the copper and start eating it.

H|P Capital

Tiny207 10-09-2011 06:43 PM

Thank You all! I'm going to get this fixed right away.

Right where my finger is, the darker coloring on the pipe is the water droplet. After I wipe it away it takes over an hour or so to accumulate.

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