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Ben kiemele 03-11-2005 10:34 PM

sink drain
I am renovating a old bathroom, I'am putting in a pedisal sink can I recces it into the wall 2", because the toilet is tight to the exterior wall with a window in it. I need to move the sink back a little because the drywall is starting to rot behind the toilet, so I'am tight for room between the sink and toilet once I move the toilet ahead. My problem is I need to be able to abandon the drain location and tie into the stack in the basement below the floor joist, if I do this will it work and still be vented properly.

Mike Swearingen 03-15-2005 06:03 AM

The toilet should be 12" on center out from the finished wall over the toilet flange and closet bend. A toilet has a built-in trap and is vented by the stack. The flange should be bolted to the top of the finished floor with only the thickness of the flange above finished floor level, and the toilet leveled and bolted to the flange.
The sink should have a trap under it and drain into a 1.5" drain pipe that is vented after the trap back into the main stack above (usually from a T in the wall).
IF I understand what you're trying to do, you can't do it like that. I would get a smaller sink.
Good Luck!

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