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joebann 09-11-2010 10:40 AM

Simple bathtub question

Hi, I had a few questions about this bathtub shown above:

1. Are the gaps that are pointed out by the red arrows supposed to be caulked or should they be left uncaulked?

2. I bought the house from the original owner, and it was uncaulked when I got it. It seems that it should be sealed up, as I believe it is causing water to leak to the ceiling below. But when I press on the big panel facing us, the panel moves in about 1/4 inch. What's the best way to seal this?

3. There still seems to be a plastic wrap on the panel facing us, I'm assuming that should be removed as well, and is not some type of surface layer that is coming off. (Picture below).

Thanks for your help.

Jim F 09-11-2010 11:59 AM

I can't see the above picture you are talking about. The other picture is too close up. Is that a drop-in tub with a removable apron? It seems like it could be caulked if you don't need to remove the panel for access. If it is something like a Jacuzzi then you need that access for the plumbing and electrical. Wherever your water leak is coming from, it needs to be remedied.

the_man 09-11-2010 02:59 PM

It doesn't look like it should be caulked to me. It's outside the tub, and there may be a need to get in there. To me, the problem seems to be the water on the outside of the tub. Proper positioning of the curtain, or one of these will keep the water in the tub. If the leak doesn't go away, you've got another problem

joebann 09-11-2010 07:47 PM

The following a link to the picture in case it can't be seen.

So I am concluding that it shouldn't be caulked, and as long as no water runs to the outside of the tub, I should be fine.

As I have 2 small children, who tend to splash a lot, this is probably the reason I'm getting the water outside the tub. I opened a hole in the wall behind the facet, and see no other signs of water damage besides that next to the panel in question.

I'll look into the term "drop in tub", and see if this is what I have. As far as I can see from the hole that I made, the tub and that panel are separate, and there is no electrical to access under the tub.

If you have any other advice to avoid water getting into that gap, please let me know.


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