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alex.r 03-14-2008 12:59 AM

Showerhead problem please help
To tell the truth I don?t know anything about repairing but here I go I try to explain as best as I can but I don?t know any of the technical terms:p. Well I have a problem with my shower its the ones that have two handles one for hot and one for cold water, the showerhead and the bathtub faucet. Well when I open the water, water comes from both the showerhead and the bathtub faucet. When I try closing the bathtub faucet the showerhead has more pressure but theres still water coming from the bathtub faucet but I don?t have I problem with that my problem is that the showerhead never closes.
I dont know were to start or for what to look for any help would be appreciated:)

sfixx 03-14-2008 02:15 PM

That's frustrating Alexa, I know! You probably have one of those shower faucets with the shut-off right on top of the spout that you pull up to divert the water from the faucet to the shower head.

Diverter spouts are not too bad to replace but I'll let you be the judge on that. First look underneath the spout next to the wall, if there is a hole then it's a "compression type" spout. If no hole then it's a "screw-in type". To remove the compression type spout take an allen head (hex) wrench of the correct size and unscrew the allen head screw and pull the spout straight out. To remove a screw in type faucet put a pipe wrench around it and unscrew it counterclockwise. Then replace with the same type.

Here's another explanation describing the procedure

Best wishes,


alex.r 03-14-2008 10:19 PM

Hi thanks for your answer I?ll have it replace again but I had already replaced the Diverter spouts and the showerhead (I saw the little whole in my old diverter spout and thought that was the problem) :rolleyes:I been messing around with it and now when I pull up the diverter all the water goes to the showerhead so that is working but when its open (pull down) water keeps coming from the showerhead and the bathtub spout instead of only coming from the spout.

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