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stephanieb_1001 06-24-2009 02:57 PM

Shower valve problem
We are renovating the bathroom and just received our new tub/shower trim kit and unfortunately the handle fixture does not fit the shower valve we already have. We weren't expecting to have to call in a plumber to replace the valve. We were hoping to just go off of what was there. I have attached a link that shows a bunch of pictures of what we have here. Here are my questions:

1. We read that if we buy a shower trim kit that is the same brand as the shower valve we will not need to replace anything. How can we tell what brand this is? My husband thinks it might be Delta?

2. Worst case scenario if we do need to replace the shower valve, is this something we can do ourselves or do we need a professional plumber to come out?

3. Another issue we are having involves the shower arm which comes out of the wall and allows for a shower head to be attached. We want this changed as well. Is that something that just screws out and can be replaced?

Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!! This is our first remodel and we would appreciate it!

freewheel 06-24-2009 04:37 PM

I'm sure you'll get more qualified replies, but:

1. I'm guessing you didn't have a label on the fixture that you took off or wouldn't be asking. But if you have the wall opened up already, i'd take the effort to change the valve as it's something you won't want to have to change later if it goes bad. (unless it's only a few years old...)

2. assuming it's copper pipe it's definitely something you can do yourself. google how to sweat a copper pipe. Plenty of explanations on how to do it. I'd say by the equipment and practice on non attached pipe. you'll need a blow torch, flux, silver solder and your pipes of course. wear some gloves too!

3. it's usually screwed in. pipe screws into a receptacle behind the wall, and then shower head screws to the pipe.

If you haven't opened up the wall already then you may want to wait to try to figure out the type of faucet. opening up the wall can be it's own can of worms. (although i've seen projects that use a big decorative face plate to cover a hole in the wall...) but again you'll want to know what is behind there. if it's an old fashioned mudwall, it won't be easy to open up. Might be easier to access from a closet or something behind the shower...)

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