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s.rog 05-27-2009 02:46 PM

shower pan removal
We are trying to remove a shower pan. The house was built in 1960. We have removed all surrounding nails etc.,using digging bar prying (tools) etc pan will only raise up about 1to 2 inches. we have tried a tool to insert in the drain and try and turn that. Cant find a tool that fits and have exhausted that route. There seems to be lead(perhaps) poured in the drain(was told that was common to keep the pipe that meets the drain from leaking. Any ways we are at are wits end. tried going under the house there is so much heater ducting that you cant climb over and cant get under. If anybody out there could give us some advice it would surely help and would be very much appreciated. ( do ya think its connected under the pan to a pipe?) This is s.rog girlfriend asking cuz he is too busy to get to the puter I hope I've asked the right questions and explained our problem properly to hopefully find someone who knows. Thanks:no: s.rog and girlfriend

RegeSullivan 05-27-2009 04:08 PM

It probably is lead. If it is the drain holding it on you can dig out the lead with a small chisel and hammer. Myself, I would cut the shower pan apart with a reciprocating saw.


Lee007 11-02-2009 12:44 PM

You have a lead and oakum poured joint. To remove a poured lead and oakum joint take a 3/8" drill bit and drill a few holes down past the lead and into the oakum.. Push a screwdriver under the lead ring and lever it up. Once it's free you can began to peel the lead ring out. Now pick out the oakum and you can pull the joint apart.
No special tools needed. Good luck.

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