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JeepCop 01-07-2007 09:46 AM

Shower pan/base options
We are in the process of finishing our basement. During initial construction 2 years ago, a bathroom was roughed in. I have framed the walls and am now to the plumbing phase. My wife wants tile in the shower and likes the look of a pre-fab shower pan. Ours will be a neo-shape shower. She hates fiberglass and loves the look of Onyx. My question is: Are there cheaper alternatives to Onyx out there? Our shower will be in a 36" X 36" footprint, and we have been quoted $310-$370 for the Onyx pan. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

troubleseeker 01-07-2007 05:01 PM

Most cultured marble fabricators can cast a shower pan of any size and shape you want, but I doubt it is going to be much cheaper. We pay around $450 for a 36 x 42/48" pan.

I also said "most" because some of the fabricators locally will no longer just make a pan for us, unless they do the whole shower. They got tired of fabricating just the pan to be used with tile or marble walls, and getting the blame for a faulty pan when the shower leaked due to someone else's poor installation of other materials. There are also some factory pans specifically made for a tile floor application. If you are handy, why not just do an old fashioned mud bed with tile, it would not be that hard or expensive for this small area, just be sure you understand how to install the proper floor drain fitting.

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