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mcrodgers 11-29-2005 07:11 PM

shower leak?
House on slab. Have a fiberglass built in shower/tub with glass sliding doors. Past month very slow draining. Toilet situated in small alcove made from wall containg shower head and faucet and bedroom wall. Have notice that the carpet is wet in the bedroom next to the wall between the bedroom and bathroom. No leakage apparent around toilet. No leakage from wall to outside. No sewage odor. Any ideas what might be happening?

K2eoj 11-29-2005 11:58 PM

I'll take a guess that your 2", (cast iron?) is blocked and there is a break so it is leaking out under your slab. I've seen this 2 times here locally in the past year. In my area the water mixed with expansive clay makes the problem 10x worse. I would suggest starting with a drain cleaning service on the 2 inch and see if that helps. If it was mine I'd probably pop some holes thu the slab and see how much moisture is under there. > I don't think you would get much of a sewer smell from a broken pipe under a slab.> Hopefully some of the other guys will drop in here with different opinions on this soon. HS.

Mike Swearingen 11-30-2005 08:07 AM

Could be from a number of things.
I would look at the two easiest DIY solutions to try first.
A. Sluggish Drainage: Try a good enzyme-based drain cleaner like DrainCare to unclog the drain pipe. You just run warm water in the drain, pour in DrainCare per directions, allow to eat the organic clog (hair, soap scum, etc.) overnight, and then flush with very hot water the next morning. I start the flushing with a kettle of boiling water. If the clog is really bad, you may have to do it more than once. Enzyme-based drain cleaners will not harm the finish on the tub/shower or the drain pipes. (Do NOT use a caustic drain cleaner like Drano.)
B. Leaking Drain: Replace the plumber's putty under the drain lip. Soften the putty with a hot hair dryer on the drain. Stick a pair of channel-lock handles down in the drain cross-pieces, use a screw driver in the teeth for leverage, and carefully unscrew it counter-clockwise. Don't break the crosspieces, or you'll have to replace the drain. Clean out the old putty. Roll a roll of fresh plumber's putty in your hands about the size of a pencil and wrap it around the drain hole depression, and snug the drain back down on it. Wipe away the excess putty.
If these two easy things don't solve the problems (and they just might), then you're probably looking at a major slab break/cutting job to correct it.
Good Luck!

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