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jdm1 11-28-2008 11:50 PM

Shower faucet replacement - PVC replacing steel?
Hello and thanks in advance for your input on this post. :thumbsup:

Replacing a tub/shower unit and all fixtures/hardware with a two-piece Lasco unit and American Standard faucet. Unit itself went in very well, mounted and done and drain/overflow are connected and complete.

The question...
Is it necessary to convert the PVC and CPVC supply lines (coming thru subfloor from the crawlspace) to galvanized or copper pipe before the faucet? The existing shower tree was all galvanized pipe which has scaled up inside very badly in the 12-13 years it has been in use.

No filtration on our well and the water isn't the best - most likely causes of the buildup and subsequent pressure and flow loss is the galv pipe. From the PVC supply lines, pressure is good to the shower.

Obviously there is a good reason for using copper or steel in the last section before the faucet, and for the shower riser. What is the trouble with using PVC and CPVC right to the fixture? I am assuming a weakness issue, esp with female plastic fittings, yes?

If mounted, supported and clamped properly, will PVC/CPVC be problematic?

Any input is welcome and appreciated.

JDC 11-29-2008 01:53 AM

You can use CPVC for the waterlines on your shower. Just be sure to do like you said and clamp everything well. Personally, I'd change it over to copper but there's nothing at all wrong with CPVC. You also mentioned PVC which is not supposed to be used for waterlines inside a house. Stick with the CPVC and you'll be fine.

jdmensing 11-29-2008 11:38 AM

OK - I will transition the PVC to CPVC in the crawlspace and pipe with CPVC inside. The original tree has PVC on the cold up the wall to the galvanized and CPVC on the hot. Thanks.

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