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NightOfDiscovery 08-17-2009 10:25 AM

Shower Faucet Leaking
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The shower head in my shower is leaking. When I turn the faucet I can feel that the washer inside is not quite seating properly and so I think it needs to be replaced. Even after carefully closing the valve, spurts of water come out for about 2-4 times every 10-30 seconds, then the leaking stops. I know it stops as the shower head is dry by evening. It appears I need to remove the front plate (see photo) in order to get at the washer. This would require shutting off the water supply.

Any tips on handling this? I can shut off the water by closing the valve leading to my water softener - not sure if I can or should turn off the hot water tank. I think I could use a razor blade around the caulking to remove the plate. I have enough tools and bath caulk. I'm hoping that the washer inside is easy to replace so that I can head straight to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a replacement. I suppose it would be best to get the new washer before-hand. I'm not sure what to get until I see what it looks like.

Any help appreciated. I'm hoping I can do this project myself.


JDC 08-17-2009 10:40 PM

I cant really tell, but that looks like a Moen to me. (Now that I'm replying the pic isnt here. Once I submit the reply it'll be back). If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will say so. Turn off the main valve on your water. Take the handle off then remove the chrome collar around the cartridge. Its right behind the handle...round with a flat top...thats right...right there. There should be a U shaped clip there and you can get a small flathead screwdriver in there to pull it out. Dont lose it. Now pull the cartridge out, take it down to a plumbing supply house and get a new one.

NightOfDiscovery 08-17-2009 10:58 PM

Thanks! I appreciate the response. So I gather I don't need to remove the whole plate? That would make the job much easier. I will check it out. I think it is a Moen.

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