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dougp23 10-17-2011 06:42 PM

Shower Drain Leak
Upstairs we have a shower stall. I noticed when I ran the water to test for hot water, that water started dripping at a pretty good pace in the downstairs kitchen cabinet, right above the shower....

Flushed the toilet in the upstairs bath, no dripping (thank goodness)!!

Ran the sink, no drip.

Ran the shower, lots of drip.

I took a gallon of water and poured it straight into the drain pipe of the shower (removed the screen). No drip....hmmm....something with the way the drain is attached to the shower stall body??

Any ideas on where I would start with this....I don't want to just start laying caulk around the drain everywhere where I think it could help!

Dwillems 10-17-2011 09:30 PM

possibly the shower head riser pipe in the wall is leaking. run the water as a bathtub if you have the spout and see if it leaks then. or remove the trim behind the valve handle, turn on the water, and look for leaks inside the wall from above. if it's been remodeled or if you've hung something it may have a screw going into the pipe

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