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Blaze25 01-19-2007 04:27 PM

Shower Drain
I was wondering which solution would be best for my situations.

I am installing an acrylic corner shower (base and walls) from Maxx. The bathroom is on the second floor above my family room.

Should I use a solvent weld shower drain or a no-caulk shower drain, and why?


jproffer 01-19-2007 05:25 PM

I would say the purpose of a "no caulk" (assuming you mean a compression type trap ass'y, such as is likely under your kitchen sink) is to be able to remove and clean any blockage. If the shower in question is on a second floor, that's not going to be an option no matter which type you choose, and I personally feel a glued joint is better than a compression joint.

Which is why I would go with a glued set-up :)

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