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tkmunbl 12-31-2005 02:50 AM

Sewer pipe replacement?
:( i have dug up most of my sewer line from the house to across my driveway, i just need to finish to the street. my problem is that my line continually gets cloged and floods my bottom toilet.
i have pvc coming from the house but the drain is cast iron, i am going to replace it with pvc,but from the drain to the street it is ceramic tile. i need to know if when i get to the street if i will need some other kind of fitting to connect to the street. the house is approximatly 20 years old. also there is a bend in the line right after the drain, it may be as much as a 45 degree angle but i not sure,this is where i belive my main plug is when it stops up. i would like to know about what angle i could get away with to help elementate this problem and still be able to hook to the street. i would truly help with some advice please.

MgMopar 01-05-2006 12:55 PM

I would think connecting to the main line in the street would have to be done by an approved plumber? It's method can widely vary depending on the original methods in the area. Also most towns will not take too kindly to a private residence deciding on there own to tear up the street and start hooking up to the mains. :(

I help a friend run his new sewer line. We dug the trench close to the street. Then rodded out the remaining section of clay tile. After we measured the approximate distance to the sewer line (looking at the man hole covers) and inserted PVC piping inside the clay tile. We sealed up the opening left around the pipe with cement. Then hooked the PVC to the house. This was done over 8 years ago and he hasn't had ANY problems with his drains since. and we avoided the costly expense of ripping up an repairing the street. :cool:

I would rather not see any angles more the 30 degrees, however the original line at my home was ran with TWO 90 degree bends within 15 feet of one another! That part hasn't really shown to be an issue. I wouldn't have ran it that way myself.

tkmunbl 01-05-2006 03:04 PM

guess what i found on my way to the street, the ground is like digging in concrete, full of rocks, but after i got thru the driveway,i found another turn in the clay pipe going the opposite way from the first turn. i really appreciate the advice. but i still am digging my way to the street. thanks for the help any more advice will be helpful.

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