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jellybean11 03-17-2010 04:56 AM

Sewage smell from internal waste pipe
We have a smell of sewege coming from what we think is the internal waste pipe in our kitchen.

We have checked the sink, bath etc drains and put unblocking stuff down there. Toilet isnt blocked. Had the waterboard out to check the manholes in the garden all clear. Cleared the outside drains and again all clear. checked the top of the pipe near the roof and its clear.

We cant see much of the waste pipe as its tiled around in the bathroom and boxed in and kitchen units over in the kitchen area. The only part we can see is the very bottom under the kitchen unit where we have pulled the washing machine out.

We think the pipe is cast iron and there is a small amount of damp on the concrete floor but not wet and no visible leaking.

Any ideas, this is driving us crazy.:(

Just Bill 03-17-2010 06:19 AM

Assuming all the traps have water in them, you could have a broken pipe. A trap that has dired out or been siphoned out will alllow sewer gas into the house.

AllanJ 03-17-2010 07:40 AM

A rat happened to choose that location to get stuck in and die and decay?

Use every sink and basin and shower and tub just a little each evening to make sure the traps are full. Also pour some water downt he washing machine drain, where the hose is suposed to fit loosely. If there is a trap that is leaking itself dry you will then be able to see wetness on the floor somewhere.

Can you see every trap? (Toilet drain pipes do not have traps; the toilet itself is the trap.)

You're sure that the smell is not coming from a drain opening such as in a sink?

TheCamper 03-17-2010 09:10 PM

Dry Trap
The previous posts are headed you in the proper direction. I don't know your level of expertise with plumbing so forgive me if I am too basic. The trap in the waste line, that kind of "S" bend in the visible portion under the sink, should hold water all of the time, this prevents the sewer gases from entering the building. Traps will siphon themselves dry when they are not properly vented. If you have an old house and have an "S" trap, one that goes down through the floor and then drains into a waste line, the trap is not vented properly and so is probably siphoning itself dry. Traps installed today are "P" traps, these traps tie into the waste line horizontally and is likely to be properly vented. Assuming that the odor is a recent development I would check to see if the vent is clogged. If you are in a cold climate and have an old undersized vent pipe through the roof it may be that the vent is actually closing up with moisture from the waste lines freezing and clogging the vent with ice.

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