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Sewage ejector pump question

Hey everyone. I've researched a ton over the last couple days and would like some input from the community on something.

I have a two story house with an attached two story garage. The top story of the garage is unfinished.

I had always intended on finishing it, but now that I'm getting started on it, I was thinking of actually putting a bathroom in there.

I built the house myself (and all the plumbing), so I am very familiar with how and where all the sewage lines are run in my house. Everything is gravity fed to my septic system. I say all that to say that first of all I am familiar with code and also to say that there is just no way for me to tie into the 3" sewage lines anywhere. I'm just too far away and can't beat gravity.

So I started looking into the sewage ejector pumps.

That option still doesn't give me a great solution for my setup. But it could work if i could do something that i know doesn't meet code.....but may be good enough.

I have a vent pipe (vents through the roof) about 25' away. It's a 2" vent pipe. Could I take the discharge from the pump, lift it up to the roof trusses (assuming I buy a pump with enough head), run it over to this vent pipe, and then just dump it down the vent pipe. The vent pipe merges into the 3" main sewage line.

My biggest fear is of course having a backup. But if the discharge for the pump is only two inches, it should be fine to dump into the 2" vent pipe right?

I see they sell sewage ejector pumps that macerate everything....but they are just sooo expensive (and I read they also are high maintenance).

Anyway, thoughts anyone?



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Absolutely not.Its called a vent pipe for a reason.Unless you enjoy the smell of sewage I wouldn't do it.That setup could break your trap seals on the fixtures tgat are vented off that line.If there's anyway to drop the pump line down that plumbing wall and tie the line in below the vents that would work though


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"Everything is gravity fed to my septic system."

If you know where the septic line runs out of your house why not make a tie in and run your garage bath to it via Gravity?
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can't be done for several reasons-just to name a couple-
A 2" vent is too small- won't handle the fixture load
and the vent may not be plumbed with the the proper drainage fittings

Can you go outside at the garage with a gravity line and tie into the existing exterior line before the tank?
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Hey everyone. Thanks for the quick replies.

Plumberman134: I didnt think of the trap seals on the other fixtures. Good call. Thanks. i dont understand what you mean about the vent smell though. the gases would still only have one place to go, out the roof, even if I did tie into it. Unless I am missing something.

Ghostmaker: yes, that is my last resort option. Pump it up to the attic. Then let it gravity drop all the way to the other end of the house, and then pop out of the wall, drop down to my main line that goes into the septic tank.

the Eplumber: when i put the vents in, i used long sweeps into the 3" line. so that probably wont be a problem. but you guys identified enough other problems that i see its probably a bad idea.

Your suggestion is great, but without going into a lot of detail, running from upstairs garage to septic tank using only gravity is nearly impossible.

Thanks again everyone!
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Always learning...
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Plumberman was saying you'll smell sewage if the trap seals are broken...


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