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McTibbetts 06-13-2012 08:47 PM

Septic smell in laundry room
I am in Military housing and have just yesterday been moved to a brand new unit. After running our first load of laundry there was a terrible stink in the laundry room that has now spread to the whole house. First thing this morning I called maintenance and told them about the problem. They said that it was a known issue (and that it happens when it rains) and to just pour some bleach down the drain when it happened. And that they were doing nothing to fix the problem. Well we live in a subtropical climate and we have two seasons; rainy and typhoon. I know that other units of the same type also have this problem. And all around my new home they are building more and more of these units in presumably the same way! I am trying to bring this higher up the chain in an effort to be heard and get this fixed. But I am not plumbing savvy in any way shape or form and I want to know what kind of problem this is. They told us that it was just a symptom of how the house was constructed. This is unacceptable to me and I'd like to hear from you knowledgeable folks on what you think the issue is. And whether it is fixable or "just a symptom of the construction".
Thanks for reading, I really really appreciate it!

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