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Septic and leach field questions

Standing water is in my back yard. I just pumped the septic tank but the service man said my leach field would need to be redone because of the gray standing water. What do I need to do?


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Look in the yellow pages under septic systems.



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Did some one drive over it?

I have on occasion found the damaged area and been able to make the necessary repairs. All by hand digging.

The field pipes should be down about 11 inches or so. But if the system is just failing, call a professional installer and get a few estimates.
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Alot of leach fields fail over time; usually at about the 20-25 year mark. Its just the nature of the beast unfortunately. If you do need a new leach field I'd suggest getting at least 3 estimates. On a 1-10 DIY scale of difficulty, I'd say installing a new leach field ranks at about a 9.5. Not saying it CANT be a DIY project, just that you're going to have alot of sweat, aches, pains and maybe a few curse words before all is said and done.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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As for DIY replacing them, some counties/municipalities/townships require a state certified person to install it. Here in Ohio, I can't replace my I've been told.

The system I am on is running fine, at 31 years so far.
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Check with your Health Department for a copy of the original septic system permit, and follow the advice already given. Septic systems are best left to the pros.
Good Luck!
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Septic tanks need to be pumped every once in a while. If not it will eventually plug up the leach lines and won't drain into the ground. Once this happens there is only one way to fix it. Dig up the pipes and replace them. It is a messy operation but there is no other way around it.

These days a lot of this soil needs to be handled as hazmat (depending on where you live) and that gets expensive.
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Here is a temp fix,,,maybe,,,find where the line exits the tank,,,put cleanout sweep and bring pipe with cap on it to surface(for EACH leech line there is,,,may be more than one) septic pumpers have whats called jetters,,,a high pressure nozzle that breaks up the crud that forms inside the lines. that will give NEW life to old systems.

BUT first,,,find out the why,of this happening,,,a 'sneaky' leaky toliet flapper or lots of leaky faucets,,,OR defective never shut off filler valve for stools. IF you add a constant inudating flow of water a leech field HAS to fail!! A small drip adds to tons of water 24/7/365!!!

Another option is,,forget the name for it,,,a high pressure line inserted in soil of drain field area,,high pressure air released like a cheetah tire expander,goes bang and concussion breaks up the greasy clogs and improves drainage. they inject styrofoam pellets to keep ground loose. I have seen it work,,,its amazing,,,water flys,ground heaves,water splooshes back thru pipes, works ike a charm,,alot cheaper than any septic repairs

edited to say: I found his card -terra lift aeration- try googling that system and see if one is anywhere close to you,,,this guy traveled 125 miles to me!!


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