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Septic Field

Just wondering if regularly putting toilet paper in septic/field will decrease life expectancy.Should I dispose of TP in garbage instead.Any other suggestions on keeping system operating efficient .


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good question on the TP...i've heard conflicting views. for periodic maintenance, we use Rid-X in ours and all has been well.... so far.....



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The main thing that hurts septic systems is chemicals. Over using bleach, ammonia and any caustic drain cleaning products is not good for them. TP should not hurt anything. The manufacturers have pretty much made their products for this usage. The bacteria that make a septic work can eat most things but the chemicals can kill them. If you need a drain cleaner, use an exzyme product such as Draincare by Zep.
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My home has been on a septic sysem for 32 years and we've never had a problem.
NC State University has done extensive research on septic systems, and their basic information and recommendations are:
A. have the tank pumped out at least every five years to get rid of the solids that sink to the bottom such as sand, and the sludge that floats on top such as grease, etc. (I have ours pumped out in every year that ends in a 5 or 0 to idiot proof it for me),
B. do not put anything into a septic system but tp and natural waste (no non-biodegradeable items such as feminine products, cig filters, etc., and especially very small amounts of grease, chemicals, paints, bleach, etc.), and
C. all of those septic system additives are a total waste of money ... normal usage will provide all of the bacteria necessary.
If your tank doesn't have one, install a T baffle on the discharge end of your tank to keep floating sludge from entering the distribution box and drainfield lines to prevent clogging.
Good Luck!
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To add to Mike, NC health prohibits tank pumper from cleaning tanks completely so the bacteria that is needed to make the system work stays there. Best I remember they have to leave about 6" of sludge.Rid-X is a waste of money.
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Rid ex will not hurt your system, but if your using it properly its a waste of money. Avoid putting anything down the sink that says antibacterial. Most TP manufactures will put right on the packaging Septic Safe if their TP is...


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