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is it safe to take heat gun to 3/4" PVC pipe

i have a frost hydrant in my shed, from there there is 3/4" PVC pipe to an outside spigot to which a hose is attached. even though the hydrant was turned off and i do have a leakout system for leftover water in the pipe, some water drained back from the hose and into the pipe and froze there. the spigot valve is blocked frozen.

i wonder if it is safe to take heat gun to the PVC pipe as i really need to use the hose (and don't care if it freezes again after i do). my concern is that i might deform the pipe or melt the fittings.



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Ayuh,.... I'd try it,....
Open the valve, so there's pressure pushin' the ice out, 'n don't just leave the heater blowin' on it, but stay with it, 'n pay attention to what it's doin'...


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amakarevic (01-24-2013)
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yeah, be careful. keep a good distance, low temperature setting and don't use a nozzle that focuses the heat. it is extremely easy to soften and bend pvc pipe with a heat gun.
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amakarevic (01-24-2013)
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It would probably be easier to just put heat tape on it, and let the tape warm it up slowly over time, vs. having to stand there for hours to use the heat gun. Even placing a heater in the shed, should be enough over time to warm it up to melt the ice inside the pipe.
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Pour hot water from the kitchen tap over it. I use my plant watering can. Usually works with about half the can to thaw the spigot.
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regular pvc will blow apart at around 110 degrees
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I would be skeered to try a heat gun, they get hot, maybe a hair dryer, or as others suggested, stick a heater in the shed for a couple hours.

Not sure if this is important, I was told by our plumber, that if you leave a hose connected to a frost free hose bib, they will freeze, they can not work as they are designed to.
In this case, actually burst in the wall and caused some drywall damage.

I imagine your hydrant works with the same principle, when you get it thawed and done with the hose, disconnect it and may not have the problem again.


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