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Rusty Moen Kitchen Faucet

I spent most of the day cleaning up our kitchen faucet. It is about 6 years old and just recently began to bind when it was turned from one sink to another.
I was shocked when I took it apart and found this! I called Moen but they no longer have copper tone faucets. So they are sending me a Mediterranean Bronze one but I have to pay about $55 for the new one. They are also sending a gasket.
I don't think the cartridge is bad because it does not appear to be leaking and the faucet works fine. It appears that the water seeped in from using the removable sprayer. There was crude built up in the area where the sprayer tube is inserted.
I removed as much rust as possible with a screwdriver, steel wool, and naval jelly. Then I bought spray on Rust inhibitor and used it, letting it dry. Then I coated the inside of the channel with lithium grease
I read a review on the Moen website that also complained about rust in their faucet, so I'm not the only one.
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Rusty Moen Kitchen Faucet

Picture was taken up so close I can not even tell what it's suppost to be showing.
May want to think about getting the water tested. That's a lot of corrosion for that short a time. It may need to be treated.

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Rusty Moen Kitchen Faucet

Thanks for letting me know that the photo is too close to figure out the content. You are looking at the faucet upside down with the supply pipes above. Notice the threaded pipe above the corrosion to secure the faucet to the sink. At the bottom of the photo is the brass cartridge holder. In between is the steel. The brass cylinder is "wrapped" with a steel holder that rusted. You can also see the faucet hose in the background. I have this in the bathroom sink because the kitchen is still torn up.
It is city water in AZ and the supply pipes are under the slab with entry right next to the front door, so a whole house filter system would be difficult to install. I have thought about how we might run the pipes to the garage first and then back to the outside entry, but the garage is a bit small too. Barely fits two cars side by side. The front siding is brick, the house is block.
The problem here is with the faucet design I think.The sprayer may be leaking just a little bit and seeping back down to the base where the water is sitting and rusting the steel. There was some corrosion in the pipe that holds the faucet head too but more like a typical lime buildup. When I reassemble the spray head I'll try to be sure that the connection is not leaking. May need an additional gasket in there.
I think the grease and the rust inhibitor will help too, but it looks like a built in problem that is plaguing Moen pull down sprayer faucets! Thanks for your reply. Hope this explanation clears up the photo. DIY'ers with this type of faucet may want to take a closer look before it gets as bad as this one.
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