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denemante 09-24-2012 01:13 PM

running water pipes and hose extensions outside of house
Hey all - my whole life, I've had bad luck with hoses. Doesn't seem to matter what quality I buy - they burst in the heat.

I have several places around my house (we live in Atlanta) that I want to have a spigot/faucet. We have two presently - and they are both really hard to get to and inconvenient.

For fear of hoses bursting, I always have to walk through my bushes to get to the spigots to turn them on. I just want to leave them on all the time.

So I figured I could somehow run PVC (or even copper or metal pipe?) through the bushes to a more convenience location, ending in a spigot on a post. I wouldn't want to remove my existing spigots, rather just somehow attach this piping to them like I would a hose.

Elsewhere, I want a spigot on my deck. I could easily run a pipe on the OUTSIDE of my house from an existing spigot, along a cement patio then up the wall and to the deck.

Both existing spigots have shut-offs inside the house. I turn them off in the winter.

But for the rest of the year - is there any solution I could use where these outside pipes would work?

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