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rocklobster 06-12-2010 09:30 PM

running water pipe to stable
I'm planning to build a small stable soon about 60' from the house. I want to run water from the pipe that feeds the exterior water hose. I plan to make the connection in the crawl space, of course.

I intend to put heat tape or something along those lines on the exposed pipe in the stable as the stable itself will not be heated.

I have limited experience with plumbing so I have a few questions.

1. How deep should the pipe be in the ground (Ohio winters here)?
2. I'd like to use PVC for the run, but would I need to switch over to something else for the pipe that is exposed in the stable?
3. Should the diameter of the pipe match that of the pipe I'm drawing from?
4. What other considerations might I be missing?

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


Alan 06-12-2010 10:04 PM

I wouldn't be too concerned about what type of piping is in the stable, but more worried about your connection to the house.

In oregon at least, PVC is not allowed inside of the building. The stable being an outbuilding, probably wouldn't be an issue. Make your stub out of the house with whatever material is already inside, and connect with pvc 2 feet from the house.

As for sizing, you need to size according to what you're going to be using out there as far as fixtures go.

Depth is probably 12" below frost level, but check local code....

JDC 06-13-2010 06:30 PM

Depth for waterlines in Ohio is a minimum of 42". I'd use PEX for the line and I'd make my tie in on a 3/4" line in the crawlspace. Good luck

hayewe farm 06-13-2010 07:20 PM

48" deep, 3/4" black plastic pipe (comes in rolls so there are no joints), and install a freeze proof hydrant at the barn You can get the black plastic and the hydrant at most big box stores, TSC stores, and some hardware stores. I have 4 set up this way on my farm and they have made it through 15 winters with no problem.

rocklobster 06-13-2010 08:56 PM

Sounds like great advice, guys. I feel much better about getting started. Thanks!


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