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Roxolana 11-10-2008 09:26 PM

Riser diagram - what's wrong?
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Hi, everyone!
I have a huge problem - cannot get a permit for new basement bathroom. My building department says there is something wrong with my riser diagram, but I really don't understand, WHAT????
Could you, please, take a look at the scan of it and explain, what they want from me?

Termite 11-10-2008 10:23 PM

Who drew that? Did you pay for it??? If so, ask for your money back. Well, it isn't drawn like a plumbing riser diagram should be. There is no dimensioning to determine vent requirements, and from what I see there is a lot of wet venting and loop venting going on...Concerning. Traps are not illustrated. There is no backflow device called out (if necessary based on your home's elevation), and most basement baths require them. Your riser diagram doesn't show anything about a basement bath??? I would certainly not accept it.

Your best course of action is to ask to meet with the city inspector or plans examiner. They can be an excellent resource if you're doing the job yourself. If they reject your plans, they'll most certainly give an explanation as to why.

This is an example of how it is normally drawn...It is a supply diagram but DWV piping is shown the same way.

majakdragon 11-11-2008 11:32 AM

Your drawing doesn't show much.I am surprised the inspector didn't offer to let you know what he wanted,or that you didn't ask. I have included a typical waste isometric drawing (basic with no sizing). I would contact the inspection department, in person, and ask what they want. Click on the link below to see the drawing.

Roxolana 11-11-2008 05:34 PM

Oh-h-h! Thanks a lot both of you!
This diagram I made myself using the examples of my friend's diagram from the same town, the same location of bathroom. My friend's pattern was even MUCH more simple and primitive! But he got the permit...
THe biggest problem is I cannot catch inspector, he is always "somewhere"! He just leaves the notes "This diagram is incorrect"

Termite 11-12-2008 12:36 AM

Call and set up an appointment with the inspector so he can dedicate some time to you, don't try to catch him between other tasks. Remember that it is NOT his responsibility to design the system for you. Most inspectors will give you some guidance, but they certainly don't have to. They do, however, have to communicate with you. If that doesn't happen call his boss and ask for assistance.

Remember, even though your friend somehow got a permit with a poorly-designed diagram/system, the inspector is doing you a favor by putting the brakes on. His job is to advocate for you and ensure that everything is done correctly...The way things are drawn, it will not work. :no: Not even close. So work with him, not against him. But do your research and don't expect him to treat it like homework and make corrections on it for you. It needs a total re-design.

majakdragon 11-12-2008 11:47 AM

Going along with what KC said, the inspector has a job, and it is to save you problems in the future. Many people think they just are on a power trip. It is funny how people will not do electrical work due to the dangers, but don't think twice about sewer gas entering their home. It is also not fun to be renting a drain snake all the time. Perhaps the inspector could show you another set of plans that meet his requirements to give you an idea of what you need to submit. You may also want to make the trip to his office to see if there are sample drawings available. When I did inspections, my day was pretty well filled up on the schedule.

Roxolana 11-13-2008 06:21 PM

I finally spoke with inspector, thanks Got! His only complain was, he said, that we didn't show the pump location and connection.
Still appreciate all of your advices, you gave me so much additional information, that I really need.

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