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wiz561 11-25-2010 10:13 AM

Reverse Osmosis Options

I purchased a Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis system (model #: WHER255) from Lowes for my old house. I had city water (Chicago) and I loved the system. Living in Chicago, we were charged a flat fee for water; it wasn't metered.

We recently moved out to the surburbs where the city delivers well water to us. I've grown up with city water my whole life, and while my wife can't taste it, I can taste the well in the well water. :) This water is also metered now so I don't want to waste a whole lot like the whirlpool did.

I've read a bunch of reviews, and wondered what people thought would be an ideal reverse osmosis system. I've found that the one at costco (Watts Premier Zero Waste RO Filter model number 926518) says it's RO but without the waste of water. I liked the Whirlpool one, but if I get the same results from the costco one as I did with the Whirlpool, I'll get the costco one.

Can somebody recommend something that doesn't waste a lot of water, and does an awesome job of filtering? Additionally, can I install the RO system in my basement and run the plastic flex tube up to the sink? Would there be a huge pressure loss?


EDIT: I did some more research and I did not know that the 'waste' outputted by this RO filter is introduced into the hot water line. So, instead of wasting the water, it just gets put back into the system in the hot water. While you're recycling the water, you might be wasting more when you turn the hot water on and it's not all the way hot because of the RO. So now, the question is, do I want to buy a RO system that wastes water, or one that doesn't water but uses electricity and adds cold water to the hot water line. Hmmmm....

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