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Piney 10-16-2006 04:01 PM

Rerouting or digging ?
Older house with cast iron main drains.

Kitchen sink and laundry drain stopped working " a few years ago... per previous owner. Rest of house drains fine (two other bathrooms.

Previous owner's solution was to reroute laundry and sink with PVC outside house and into clean out of main drain.

Both of these locations are on the back of the house. Sink drain is aprox 5 ft from main drain connection going out to alley service.

I was told I had two options--
1) Clean up the rerouting idea. Run external pipes into fittings on main drain. Cover the external pipes with a box.

2) Tunnel under the foundation (about 2 ft or less), find the break and repair. Connect the existing repaired lines underground.

Is the rerouting concept acceptable to city inspector ? What about a future house inspection by a potential buyer ?

I assume that a "real" repair under the edge of the slab is going to be acceptable to the city and to a future inspector ?

Comments from your experts ? Thoughts on costs of both ?

Side note-- 1 plumbing firm quoted me $900 to clean up the rerouted pipes-- seems a bit much to run pipes on the top of the ground ....*shrugs*


majakdragon 10-16-2006 04:19 PM

Having drainlines exposed outside is not a good idea, especially if your temps go down low in the winter. Also, if you think you would ever sell your house, you should do it the "right" way and run new lines to replace the broken ones. A Home Inspector would jump on exposed Plumbing. As far as what your City Inspector will Okay, it depends on your local codes. A phone call could answer that question. Cost is also up in the air since we cannot see exactly what has to be done and the barriers in the way to do it. I would suggest getting at least 3 bids from local contractors. Good luck.

Piney 10-22-2006 07:20 PM


Received a quote from a licensed firm in town to repair the connections from the sink and laundry room. This includes digging, fixing, and refilling with stabalized sand. $1600 (OUCH !!)

What is a bit odd, IMO, is the wording on their quote. Regarding the payment, they require 1/2 down. That's not a problem. They then require the remaining 1/2 paid upon completion, BEFORE inspection. I have no intention of paying them until the job is done-- and to me that means passing inspection and properly refilling the hole.


WHats up with that ??

Ron The Plumber 10-22-2006 08:27 PM

Good Price

Tell them you want a passed inspection before the final payment, they will understand.

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