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61971levy 08-06-2012 08:45 AM

Replacing water supply pipes
Our copper pipes have a few pin hole leaks, all in the same run that feeds our upstairs bathrooms. Due to the set up of our house and some of the remodeling that we want to do I have been able to expose the entire run including where it goes down to the basement, split levels are good that way. So I have very good access to all the pipes as they leave the basement, go up the wall and into the joists for the floor of the bathrooms above. Sorry if this is too much info but the reason will become clearer. There are many green spots on the copper and some whitish substance, the combo of the two seems to be where the pinhole leaks are, no gushers, no steady drip, a very slow build up to the occassional drop of water.
  1. My concern is that if I just fix the sections that are leaking, close up the ceiling and remodel.....years down the road other sections will leak. Since I have such easy access right now, it seems prudent to use cpvc and just replace it all. Is that overkill or just being prepared?
  2. How far back should I go? The copper pipes in the unfinished basement look great (house built in 60's, so copper not that old) up to the point for the shut off valves for the upper plumbing I have been talking about. The valves there look to have evidence of leaking in the past. It would not be hard to start there and replace it all.
  3. Lastly, I see that in the plumbing below the bathroom there is an air chamber, home made, basically a tee off the cold water with an 8 inch vertical piece crimped at the end that I assume should have an air pocket to help prevent water hammer. Can I do the same with CPVC or should I really buy a store bought one and how many should I have.

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