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GeauxCajuns82 06-05-2008 02:43 PM

Replacing Water Piping
My house has a garage/workshop addition on it that was built about 2 years after the original home and connects to the 2 car carport (all under the same roof). In order to run water service to the addition the previous owner put a Tee in the main 3/4" copper line feeding the house and ran 3/4" pvc pipe along the side of the house and then under the existing driveway (through 1" steel pipe used as casing) and then into the slab of the addition. Before it goes into the slab it goes back to 3/4" copper pipe. There are also gate valves installed in the pvc line right before and right after the driveway, neither of which seal correctly. To go from copper to pvc, the previous owner soddered 3/4" threaded female couplings in the copper pipes connecting to 3/4" threaded male couplings in the pvc. I have already had to dig up the main line feeding my house because that connection started leaking one day and my front yard was soggy. The connection at the addition is also starting to leak. I'd like to dig up all of the pvc pipe and replace it with copper. That way there would be no threaded connections to leak. I'd also like to do away with the 2 valves on either side of the driveway because they serve no purpose. If anything I'll just install one valve at the beginning of the driveway and be done with it. Let me know your thoughts on this project or if you would recommend going a different route. Thanks.

mstplumber 06-06-2008 02:15 PM

If I understand correctly, the PVC is just underground. If so, why not replace it with Polyethelyne? It is approved for underground water service piping by the International Plumbing Code. You can use sharkbite couplings to connect to the copper on each end and you'll be done. I don't like PVC for waterpipe because I have seen lots of problems with it over the years. I have been using Polyethelyne for at least 15 years with no problems.

GeauxCajuns82 06-11-2008 09:29 AM

Is that a type of flexible tubing? I'm really not sure what that is.

mstplumber 06-11-2008 01:50 PM

Yes, it is a reasonably flexible pipe/tubing that has been the standard water service material in Georgia for about the last 15 years. Don't confuse this with Polybutylene pipe, which has been discontinued due to problems with the chemistry involved. Here's a link to tell you more than you probably ever need to know about the product:

Basically, it comes in 100' and 300' rolls and may or may not be available at a DIY type store. If not, a Plumbing Supply should carry this.

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