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Dbonjourjr476 09-12-2010 05:27 PM

Replacing a water heater ignition assembly?
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I trying to replace my gas water heater ignition assembly, but I'm having trouble with a coupling problem. On the actual unit there are 4 things coming out. Two electrical, a flex tube, possibly the intake tube, and the one in question, the solid tube. The old unit has a special crimp on it. On the new, the crimp style looks like it will be different. It also slides over the tube rather than being snug to the newer tube. I was wondering how to get that special crimp so all my connections are properly installed??? (Maybe it has to have a certain kind of flux on it; or have ot be glued on it or needs a special kind of tool, I don't know.)
I have sent a picture with both tubes - the old and the new. In the fore ground is the new (with it slid over it), and the old is right behind it with a special crimp. Other wires in the background have no importance.
If you could please reply back because this problem could not go on further.

the_man 09-12-2010 05:33 PM

If you're talking about the small silver tube in the front, that ferrule is pretty much stuck. The new one has a ferrule on it, as you tighten the nut underneath the ferrule will compress down and seal. Its the same principle as copper pipe compression joints, just don't put any dope on it.

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