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DK75 02-19-2010 09:26 AM

replacing tub spout
I am remodeling the bathroom and replacing the shower faucet hardware. Currently there is a 1/2" copper pipe coming out of the wall that previously fed the tub spout with a slip style fitting and O-Ring to compress as a set-screw was tightened for seal.

The new Moen faucet set includes a tub spout that is different and features a female threaded connection which appears to normally fit a steel pipe nipple or equivalent threaded pipe.

Can I use this new threaded spout with the copper pipe? Is there a off-the-shelf adapter that can be purchased at a hardware store to help retrofit?

Worst case scenario....can a threaded fitting be soldered to the existing copper pipe to give me the mating threaded connections? Obviuosly have to consider the dimensions if I went this route.

One more thing...I don't have access to the piping behind the wall as it is a condo style building.

firehawkmph 02-19-2010 10:20 AM

The worst case scenario is what is done all the time. You can get a copper fitting that goes from male threads to 1/2" copper. Sweat the threaded piece onto a separate piece of 1/2" copper. Then put the piece into the spout, snug it up, and mark it where the end of the tub spout is. Take the piece back off and cut if off at the mark. Now place it against the finish wall next to your existing copper stub. Mark both pieces somewhere about in the middle, cut both and sweat together using a sleeveless coupling. Thread the spout on after wrapping with teflon tape. If the spout isn't quite snug enough when it lines up where it is supposed to be, wrap a few more turns of teflon tape on and try again.
Mike Hawkins:)

rjniles 02-19-2010 10:43 AM

I assume you are replacing the trim kit only and not the shower valve itself as you say you are not getting into the wall. If your soldering skills are not up to par, you might want to consider buying a new tub spout that connects the same way as your existing but in the new finish you have chosen

DK75 02-19-2010 11:14 AM

Correct, only replacing the trim. Keeping the mixing valve inside and just replacing the spout, water knob, backplate, and shower head/pipe. It is actually my neighbors place and I am his "handy man". I will see what is available for a new spout in the correct finish.

I have soldered and sweated pipe before and will consider this option. As Firehawk suggests, I will have to make a piece first to measure to make sure the overall length is the same as the depth of the spout so there is a close to flush finish when connecfted. Firehawk...Thanks a ton for the suggestion. Always like to fix it on the first shot. HOwever often it takes a few trial runs first....but I guess that is how these skills are learned.

oh'mike 02-19-2010 11:46 AM

DK75----A little tip on buying a slip on spout. Go to a plumbing supply house( chrome Moen less than $30.
at W.F. Meyer)

The universal ones at the big box stores are a failure.--Mike--

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