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alllthumbs 12-13-2011 12:54 AM

Replacing Lead Sleeve Soil Stack
Hi Everyone,

Joe homeowner here in dire need of assistance.

I am installing a tile floor in a small 1/2 bath after removing the old vinyl so the old flange/soil stack is not at proper height for the new floor. The house was built in 1921. To my confusion I came across a lead sleeve peened over a brass ring, which I did not encounter in my preparatory readings.

The sleeve was crooked not looking so hot so I thought I should replace it - big mistake. The ACE hardware guy (who are normally spot on) suggested I can essentially wrestle this 4"x7" lead sleeve out of the cast iron pipe and place a new one as the cast iron stack is very difficult to access (therefore cutting and replacing with PVC would be a huge undertaking).

So I proceeded to demolish the sleeve in true boob fashion including 2 full length vertical incisions through the sleeve with my sawzall thinking I could peel it out.

Obviously, I have no clue and it hasnt budged. I could probably use even more force but a crowbar and hammer has not revealed any seams I could exploit for separating the sleeve and at this point I do not want to cause more damage. I have not tired heating the sleeve as I am a bit wary of starting a fire and more frustratingly my handheld benzomatic propane torch does not stay lit well when upside down.

Now I am stuck with a non-functioning 4"x7" battered lead sleeve which I probably should have smiled at and left alone in the first place.

Can I actually remove the sleeve without tearing up the subfloor (the new floor is thankfully not installed yet) or

Is there a way to insert a 3" lead sleeve or PVC sleeve or something inside the remnants of that poor old lead sleeve to bypass this mess and install a new flange to mate with the commode (and walk away quietly)? The toilet horn has a 3" OD.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!


plummen 12-13-2011 05:52 AM

picture? :wink:

joecaption 12-13-2011 06:01 AM

What you should have done is cut it even with the floor with an ossilating saw and used a new PVC flage that has a rubber seal on the outside of it and it just slips inside of the old cast pipe.
I did the exact same thing as you did on the first one I ran across and waisted an hour fighting with it the next one took me about 2 min.
Look at the push tite style.

Javiles 12-13-2011 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by plummen (Post 792715)
picture? :wink:

couple of things you can do, need to see what you have, to get a better idea.

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