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pinkertonpv 07-29-2009 01:42 PM

Replacing fixtures and CVPC in shower
I am replacing the fixtures and CVPC pipe in a shower. I have access to to plumbing thru a wall in an adjoining room I have torn out due to a Dining room Kitchen remodel. I have removed all plumbing and fixtures from the shower. The old cvpc was connected to the shower mixer by threaded male cvpc connectors that were glued into the brass mixer by cvpc cement. I want to use teflon tape as this is current practice and have read this on the forum. This shower mixer will be behind a new sheetrock wall with an access panel however I obviously don't want to go back into it again. Is teflon tape the best for this application?

ropers 07-30-2009 06:18 PM

i personnally have mixed consistancy with teflon tape....use pipe thread compund....much easier to apply and workes every is a little messy sometimes but well worth it to me.....just paint the compundon the threads and proceed....the tape will some timep bunch up and if you put too much, plastic pipes , don't screw together well......hope this helps

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