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dcreech 09-17-2011 07:04 PM

replaced flooded convertible jet pump, pressure will not go over 30 lb.
After my system was flooded with Hurricane Irene. I relocated the pump and tank to a higher level. I placed the pump on a platform close to the ceiling under the house (house on pylons) I placed the captive air tank on the first floor living space in a closet under a stairwell (within 3-4ft of pump and about 20in. above it). The original pump was setup with one pipe suction, so I assume it is set for shallow well. On the coast of NC the water table is high. I know a deep well jet pump can be setup using the casing as the second pipe and only have one pipe to the pump. But I was told at Lowe's the 1hp shallow well jet pump would work fine. I am right on a large creek off the Neuse river. The well is in an aquifer with a well depth of 180 ft. with high recapture rate. After installing the pump, it comes on and draws water. The pressure gauge never goes above 30 lb. I have a check valve installed on the suction pipe where it enters the pump to hold prime. It appears that water is not getting into the presure tank. When I turn the power off and open a drain valve the ammount of water seems no more than what is in the pipes (5gal.bucket) If I turn power off the pressure gauge eventually drops down to 0, (small leak on a galvanized fitting, but very small). Is the pressure not going above 30 lb. a symptom of the pump not able to pull the water high enough to fill the tank and activate the pressure switch?

DangerMouse 09-18-2011 07:07 AM

Sounds to me like the pressure tank is not set correctly, but I could be wrong.


dcreech 09-18-2011 10:00 AM

pressure not over 30 lbs. with tank vale turned off
I was thinking the same thing and turned off the valve going to the captive air tank. I went under the house and turned on the pump. open a drain valve to remove any trapped air until water came out. Closed the valve and the pump pressure went to 30 lbs. and no higher. I opened the valve and filled a pale with water to check for sand, which would indicate a possible leak in the pipe from the well but no sand. Not sure what to do next.

readar 09-18-2011 09:59 PM

Isn't your well (180 ft) too deep for a jet pump?

dcreech 09-18-2011 10:14 PM

It is my understanding that along the NC coast todays drillers go down to a huge aquafer about 150-200 ft. for a residential well. But once the well is made the water rises in the casing to the static ground water level which is only about 8ft. so the foot valve intake only has to be placed within the first 25ft of depth. Even with a small diamater casing (mine is 2") the aquafer refresh rate is so large the water level never drops in the pipe. All surface pumps are shallow well jet pumps unless a lrger diamater casining is used with a submersable pump.

The pump I had before the storm was a Gould 1HP convertable with the shallow well ejector kit turning it into a single pipe system.

If there are any drillers out there and I have this wrong please advise.

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