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larrybr45 01-24-2008 08:42 AM

Replace PEX fitting with Shark Bite Push Connector?
I have 1989 Manufactured home and am replacing all fixtures and floor in guest bath. I noticed the gray poly piping and fixtures and decided to changeout to pex 1/2 inch (connections are under the subfloor above the belly of the MHome in the crawl so they are not easily visible once I put in new subfloor).

I had to replace two poly t fittings with the new pex copper ones and all 3 connections on each fitting passed the go and no-go test.

On each of them, I had a 4 foot leg (one for toilet) (one for sink) in which I turned the pipe a little and I noticed the pex crimp ring move on the fixture a little. I find these pex pipes are somewhat hard to work on without moving at the fitting that has been crimped (maybe I am doing backwards).

At any rate, concerned I should tear out the t' fittings and redo. I did turn on water and did NOT see any leaking. I just get very paranoid about these things, especially after reading this forum.

Questions - should i redo the t, and if so, could I consider the newer brass shark bite push in type connectors as these seem reliable and easier to work with? Many people swear by these now.

How do I finish off the toilet connector, is there a special fitting I must use to provide firmness prior to installing the shutoff valve?


scrapiron 01-25-2008 09:32 PM

When you refer to the ring moving do you mean that the pex itself rotated on the fitting? If the ring is placed correctly and crimped properly I would not worry. If the crimp ring is loose enough to move on the pex then you've got a problem. Sharkbites are handy, however most plumbers will not reccommend using them behind walls because they are considered untested by time. For fixture connections use a drop ear fitting, which is a right angle fitting that goes from pex to female pipe thread. This is mounted to a block between the studs.

larrybr45 01-26-2008 08:42 AM

The pipe rotated a little around the fixture. The crimp ring rotated a little as well. Seems really tight though and no leaks. Just wondering if there was a lot of leverage with the long pipe I rotated that normally would not occur.

dofin 01-27-2008 02:01 PM

Also check with your supply house. You should be able to purchase a long
radius copper pex 90 capped at on end. It comes with a nailing flange.
After walls are finished, just cut the capped end and either use a soldered stop or a compression stop.

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