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mattoxda 10-10-2010 02:46 PM

Replace Flange in basement with Foam?
I took my basement toilet off to see why it was leaking and maybe replace the wax my horror...the flange was "mounted" ontop of spray foam rather than concrete....

The basement is concrete but where the drain pipe is, there is a 14"x14" section of concrete removed and spray foam has been sprayed to fill the gap...The flange was set into the foam with the mounting bolts also set into the foam but nothing really solid holding it all together. I probed the foam to see how deep it goes. It is at least 22" deep and 14"x14".

So I am debating on how to fix this so i can mount a new flange to something stable level so I go to the bathroom downstairs again. I have considered removing at least 12 inches down of the foam and pouring concrete in there or removing the foam and mounting studs to the concrete and then filling with foam to protect against our Alaskan cold winters.

I would appreciate any helpful advice before I start this.

rjniles 10-10-2010 04:05 PM

I would remove about 6" of foam, pour concrete up to the existing floor level. The flange should sit above the level of the floor. Secure the flange with Tapcons.

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