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nextbond 09-15-2009 06:11 PM

replace faucet in laundry room
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I have a faucet in laundry room that does not turn off the water. Pls see picture.

Any ideas of how to remove it and put in a new one?

Plumber101 09-15-2009 08:44 PM

If the boiler valve you have in the pic is not threaded on to a male adapter then you will have to cut the sheetrock below the box, cut the pipe sweat in a new valve and repair the sheetrock

MinConst 09-15-2009 08:49 PM

To replace this you will probably need to open up the wall.

You can rebuild the valve and be all set.

1st turn off the water, then take off the handle with the center screw. Then loosen the first nut on the stem (lower one) this will allow the stem to be unscrewed out of the valve body. Be sure you have a wrench on the valve body so it doesnt turn on the pipe. At the end of the stem is a washer. Replace it with a new one of the same size. Look down into the valve body with a flashlight if you can get your head in there. Look at the "seat" and see if there are any cracks or chips out of it. It will probably be fine. And if not it can also be replaced. You will need a seat wrench for this. HD or Lowes carries them. If it is bad take it out (unscrew it with the wrench) and take it to the store for a match up. Replace it and put the stem back in, tighten the nut tight, and try it.
You may just need the washer to stop the leak.
Good luck.
P.S. DO NOT forget to turn the water off as the first step :laughing:

nextbond 09-15-2009 10:18 PM

Thank you all for your replies! I will first try replacing just the washer, else as suggested cutting the drywall.

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