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greendog 04-07-2012 06:32 PM

Replace buried sewer line or install sewage pump?

My house has two sewer lines leaving it in the basement. One is a large line that was replaced within the last 10 years that services all the toilets and showers. The other looks like it is about 2 inches and services the kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, and basement floor drain. It is original to the house, which is 80 years old. The two lines are on opposite sides of the house.

The smaller/older line has clogged/broken, and some water comes up the floor drain when we use water on that side of the house.

Would it be possible/advisable to run a new pipe across the house in the basement ceiling from the good line to this side of the house? The kitchen would be a normal gravity drain, but the washing machine is in the basement so I would need to pump it's waste up to the basement ceiling (probably up 7 feet).

I'm not sure if I have enough slope to get across the house or not. The joists are running parallel to the direction I need to run the pipe. They are 2x8s, so I have 7.5" of vertical to use to cross about 18 feet (then it is in the furnace room with an open ceiling so I can drop as much as I need to).

My basement only gets water in it if the sump pump fails and we are getting a lot of rain. If there was a power outage (very rare where I live) during a storm that could potentially be a real mess, but I could mitigate that with a battery backup possibly.

I think it would be relatively expensive to replace the sewer line since it goes straight down through the concrete floor of the basement, so it is going under the foundation briefly.

Any advice, comments, questions?


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