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Dave321 06-07-2011 01:14 AM

Replace bathroom sink drain?
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Hello All.

I am getting ready to install drywall in the location behind where my bathroom sink will be placed and am wondering what options I have for replacing the sink drain that goes into the wall. Hopefully I am using the correct terminology here.

This is a complete bathroom remodel. All previous drywall, toilet, tub, shower valve, subfloor, 1/2" copper pipe, shutoff valves, ect. is being replaced. The house ws built in the mid to late 60's.

The original drain (please see attachments) which connected to the P-Trap appears to be chrome plated metal which looks to be soldered to 1 1/2" copper pipe. This seems to be in good condition other than the metal slip nut marred up a bit. The three options I can think of are:

1) Try to re-use existing plumbing. It would seem a bit difficult to slip drywall over the pipe plus I would have to cut the cover ring off (I think). Since this is a complete remodel I would like everything to look like new (even though this would be under the sink).

2) Un-solder the chrome piece. Replace drywall. Then solder a new drain connection with slip nut. Are these metel parts commonly sold today?

3) Un-solder the chrome piece. Replace drywall. Then replace with PVC drain connection. What parts would be required here? It seems like I would need some sort of a coupler to go from the copper pipe to PVC.

Is there a better option?

This is my first post so hopefully I attached my pictures correctly.

Thanks in advance.


oh'mike 06-07-2011 05:12 AM

Un-soldering the fitting from the T and adding a trap adapter (1 1/4" male with a slip nut) is a good option.

or cut out the T and use Fernco fittings to change that to PVC.

Dave321 06-07-2011 12:37 PM

Thanks for the reply oh'mike.

I think I like your ideal of the trap adaptor. If I went this option would I un-solder the coupler from the T, then solder the trap adaptor to the T? Or, un-solder the chrome piece from the coupler then solder the trap adaptor to the coupler?

Also, can I connect PVC pipe directly to the trap adaptor sucuring with the metal slip nut? Seems like I would the copper trap adaptor a few inches from the wall if connecting to PVC is an option.


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