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RoyGBiv 08-22-2010 12:19 PM

repairng Watts laundry room shut off valve
I have a Watts single lever laundry shut off valve which has started leaking. Luckily it is only leaking so far when the lever is on, but obviously it needs to be fixed/repaired. The leak is from the valve stem area. Water is dripping into the stem and then off it to the floor. I am unsure which side is actually leaking. Can this be repaired?

Although I would ordinarily replace a valve leaking like this, there are two reasons I don't want to. First, I can't find this same model being sold anywhere. I've seen models where the pipes come in from above with the outlets for the washer on the bottom, and I've seen some that have a 90 deg angle with the supply pipes coming in from the wall. Mine is a 180 deg angle with the supply pipes coming up from the bottom of the floor, and then the washer outlets also point down. I can't find a model like this anywhere. Second, is that although I could probably sweat a joint, I would rather not if I don't have to.

There are two screws one on each side. Is there a packing inside that can be replaced or is there some way the whole lever unit can be replaced? Does anyone know if these can be repaired?



RoyGBiv 08-28-2010 01:16 PM

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Nothing like answering my own question, but I thought I would put this out there if anyone else has an issue.

First this relates only to the specific single lever valve in the attachment. It comes as one piece, but the front screws attach to the rear elbows, so there are essentially 3 pieces. The rear elbows are soldered to the copper inlet pipes. The valve assembly then simply screws onto these two elbows.

In my case I was concerned because those elbows pointed down unlike the picture. I found when I bought a new one that they actually can point in any direction which allows the inlet pipes to come from above, below, sides, etc.

Although the valve assembly can actually be taken completely apart, I decided for the $25 I spent, it would just be easier to replace it. I turned off the house water supply and removed the laundry hoses. Then I removed the two front screws. This allowed the valve assembly to be pulled off the elbows. I left the old elbows in place and just replaced the O rings on the elbows with the new ones. Then I put the new valve assembly in place and screwed in the new screws with their O rings. I tightened everything and turned the water back on. No leaks. I attached the laundry hoses and turned it on. No leaks again. I ran a load of laundry and everything is working fine.

So, a replacement was definitely worth it and very easily done.


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