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maceachernb 10-07-2008 04:06 PM

Repairing cast under bathroom sink??
Ok so I decided to tackle the leaky sink drain in my bathroom today, thinking it was just the abs connector that slides over the pipe comming horizontally out of the cast stack.
Well turns out the horizontal section is rusted right back to the cast connector, so the abs has nothing to go over!! Im wondering if this section be taken out and replaced? It looks as though it is soldered in there pretty good. I think it is aluminum or something as it is shiny on the outside.

Thanks in advance for any help.


4just1don 10-07-2008 07:55 PM

Cast has HUGE bells where it is oakemed and 'leaded' together,,,is THAT what you are seeing?? Usually cst doesnt rust thru too much,,,was it galvanized iron pipe attached to the cast?? They make a doughnut,called a fernco doughnut, BUT there are alot of different sizes for same size pipe,,,ie light cast,medium cast,,,and extra heavy cast if you see a couple of (X's) on cast bell,its probably extra heavy cast. To use those you have to 'dig' all that lead out of the joint,,,careful you dont break next piece,the bell ...A drill screwdrivers and alot of different tools to remove it and it takesTIME. they ARE stubbon. when you get down to the oakem your home free. Dont know HOW well a hand torch might melt lead out,never tried that but be careful of cobweb and wall fires,,I always did it the hard way with a drill and screwdriver ,,,again VERY CAREFULLY. you can make a HUGE project out of a little one VERY quickly!! Make sure that doughnut goes in there HARD. GOOD LUCK,you may need it,,,if I am wrong in interpeting your question,try again!!

majakdragon 10-08-2008 12:32 PM

Since I have never seen cast iron run out of the wall to a drain, I am guessing that you have a galvanized pipe screwed into a cast iron fitting in the wall. This is typical. What you see as solder is probably pipe dope. Try using a pipe wrench to loosen the pipe coming out of the wall. Use steady pressure, and not jerking on it. Try sticking a sharp piece of metal (such as an awl) into what you think is solder. If it goes in easily, it is dope. I have ran a lot of leaded cast pipe, but not leading in a galvanized pipe.

4just1don 10-09-2008 11:44 AM

IF its galvanized into a cast fitting, you can remove broken off end ,,, with a one ended hack saw ,,,carefully sawing thru most of pipe without damaging the threads. Select at least three places to saw thru,,,preferably in the upper half so draining water cant find a seep hole out. IMPERATIVE to use good sealing compound on next pipe screwed in there. My above fix(first post) is taking out the whole collar and that transition fitting!! Unfortunately it doesnt sound as if pipe is sound enough to 'screw' out with a pipe wrench.

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