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Oldyota 01-08-2009 03:49 PM

Renovating basement bathroom????
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First off want to say hello to everyone on the board, been searching and reading alot of posts educating myself....

I'm currently in the process of renovating my basement bathroom , it had a shower stall, toilet, and sink already installed but very bad placement... So I've removed everything except the toilet, since I only have one other bathroom and 3 wonderful ladies in the house... I'm wanting to move the toilet to where the shower stall was (approximately 3') away from current location. I have busted up the concrete and have dug out where the shower was, I know that I have to replace the 2" drain pipe with a 3" one... Here in lies my problem, the previous installer cut into the 3" cast iron pipe and didn't add "tee" or a "wye" the pipe was cut and a 2" line was added and it looks like some type of caulk, plumber's putty was used to seal it up. My question is can I install a 3" tap saddle or do I need to cut that section out and install PVC????

Thanks in advance and I'm sure there will be lots of more questions on this project...

zosoplumber 01-10-2009 07:51 AM

Your best bet is to cut the section of cast iron out and add a pvs wye with husky bands or no hub bands, just drilling a hole in the pipe and sliding a pipe into that hole isn't the best solution, if the hole wasn't sealed right around the pipe you could have roots make its way in to the drainage system, you could have sewer gases leaking into the house, or even having a back up the water could works its way out and fill your subgrade soil causing foundation problems.:thumbsup:

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