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bucksone 08-25-2007 07:56 PM

Removing rusty garbage disposer
I am replacing my garbage disposer and I have run into a problem. The old one is rusty and I can't seem to remove it. It is an Insinkerator 1/2 hp. I am supposed to insert the wrenchette into the mounting lug on the lower mounting ring then turn it to the left to free the disposer from the mounting assembly. It is so rusted that it wouldn't turn. I tried WD40, Liquid Wrench and some stuff called Blaster PB. I tried using a screwdriver instead of the wrenchette in the mounting lug and just bent the screwdriver. I tried hitting it with a hammer, which made me feel a little better but did nothing to loosen it. I finally got a hacksaw and cut the mounting screws hoping to pull the unit down off the sink flange that way, remembering to first disconnect the waste discharge tube. No dice. I tried bending up the edge of the sink flange up in the sink to pull the whole unit down but couldn't seem to get it bent up enough.

I'm out of ideas and frustrated with what seemed like an easy fixit job. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

MinConst 08-25-2007 08:51 PM

Sounds like you have the unit loose enough to bend up the top flange. Or you have already destroyed the sink :(
I have removed many rusted disposals and the hammer generally gets the ring started with a couple taps. I know this probably is going to fry your brain but are you sure your trying to turn the correct ring? It is the one with the three round protrusions.
If so and you can get a pair of snips in the top flange try cutting slices in it to give you more to bend.
Good luck.

Dansbell 08-25-2007 09:05 PM

You might be able to use a cheater bar (a pipe fitting over the wrench to lengthen it and increase your leverage) on the disposal wrench. It sounds like you have had a leak for some time. What kind of sink do you have? Have you given any thought to just pulling the sink and replacing it disposal and all?

Marlin 08-26-2007 07:59 AM

Use a good screwdriver and give it another shot.
Or get a hammer and a screwdriver, hold the screwdriver on the little slot on the ring and hit it with the hammer, basically using the screwdriver as an extension for the hammer. If that fails I'd revert very carefully to a sawzall.

Slobberbone 05-19-2009 01:33 PM

Did you ever get your garbage disposal off? How? I've got the same problem. I'm thinking about cutting it off with a torch but afraid I might damage the sink or catch the WD-40 I sprayed on it on fire. Cutting off the ring with a hacksaw looks daunting at best.

Thurman 05-19-2009 07:43 PM

Don't laugh,just try it- mix up some automatic transmission fluid (3 parts) with acetone (1 part) and squirt this onto the threaded area the ring threads onto. Acetone can be found as "oil-less finger nail polish remover". Let it set for a few hours and then tap the protrusions on the ring with a hammer. Don't beat it up, make love to it, tap, tap. I bet it comes loose.

al's sewer 05-20-2009 06:55 AM

Did you remove the snap ring that holds the mounting ring in place?

Slobberbone 05-20-2009 08:31 AM

Wow, I'm going to try the transmission fluid/acetone idea. I can see this possibly working. I'll let you know.

Concerning the snap ring, you can't get to the snap ring until the disposal is unscrewed from the mounting flange. Once I get the disposal off, I'm sure the snap ring will be another challenge as it's surely rusted solid in place as well. However, it will be well-exposed and easy to cut with a torch or hacksaw if necessary. Once I get the disposal off, I think I'm home-free!

jpmn33blk 10-03-2009 08:24 PM

I had the exact same rust problem, but was finally able to get mine off.

I took a look at the new one and noticed how it needs to turn in the mounting ring in the groove. I spent about an hour working the rust out of the groove on the old one. I used a tool with a small pick on the end and small screw driver to work out the rust on all three grooves near the tabs. That with some WD40, and pounding with a hammer, I eventually worked the rust out and was able to get it to turn.

It was frustrating, but it will work. Better than trying to cut the whole thing out.

Good luck, another quick job that took 3 hrs.

Dougefresh18350 03-03-2013 05:48 PM

I used a drill and a bit for metal to drill off the tabs on the clamping ring.

addfsd 03-03-2013 06:15 PM

I soaked the turn/lock part in WD40 and hit the crap out of it with a hammer!

oh'mike 03-03-2013 06:29 PM

All great ideas---this thread is from 2007----some future disposer remover will enjoy you help, I'm sure!

jagans 03-03-2013 07:12 PM

Just replace the whole sink! Its probably as old as the disposal. Sometimes its just not worth it, and you have to consider what your time is worth.

oh'mike 03-03-2013 07:20 PM

The sink was new seven years back when this thread started----he probably wore out the disposer already,too.:laughing:

Ghostmaker 03-03-2013 09:38 PM

Use a sawzall with a long metal blade and cut the darn flange holding the disposal.

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