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miamicuse 09-17-2012 07:34 PM

Removing old tub drain
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I would like to replace my rub drain strainer with a new "lift and turn".

In order to do that I need to first remove the old drain. Normally this is a simple task with a drain key grabbing onto the cross bar at the bottom and then struggle a bit with the stubborn turn.

However, mine didn't have the cross bar anymore.

Tried this tool and the friction on the sides wasn't enough to unthread it.

Then I tried this Ridgid tool and none of the "wheels" was able to fit snug to the inside of the drain to get it out. Some were too small some too large.

Didn't want to saw or cut into it for fear I might break the threads of the brass drain assembly it is threaded into.

Then I ran into this. Which is a lift and turn you can glue/epoxy into the inner surface of an existing drain basket.

Anyone used this?

Is this a good long term solution?

Or should I try to get the old basket out somehow?

What if I epoxy this drain in, will the epoxy be strong enough to unthread the old drain if I clamp onto the cross bar of this new drain with a drain key?

jaydevries 09-17-2012 08:17 PM

try this from lowes|1
or a chisel and hammer

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