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jimmyfloyd 01-03-2011 03:23 PM

removing Cast Iron drain pipe
My home was built in 1939. In my basement, I have two Cast iron pipe connections that head into the floor, as well as a floor drain. The larger is a 4" cast iron pipe at the left side of my house. This is the drain stack that is currently in use for the whole house. The second is located at the front of the house, about 18" from the water line entrance. This is a 2" cast iron pipe. It had one Tee with about 6" of pipe capped located roughly 8" above where it enters the concrete floor. It also extends up to the ceiling height, then runs straight to about the middle of the house, and has a 90 elbow towards the 4" stack, and is capped there. Basically it is useless, and serves no purpose. I would ideally like to remove most of this pipe, save for the last 12-18" or so, and use that for my washer and a utility sink which are located next to it. Currently, those both empty out into the floor drain which is 12" out and 6" to the right of the 2" pipe.

What I am not sure of, is where this pipe actually goes, and how to check if it will work for the washer and utility sink drain.

Is there an easy way to test this?

Can I connect PVC pipe to it if I cut off the pipe 18" up?

Will there be a problem since there is no vent on this pipe?

I will try and get pictures up shortly. I assume that this was either the kitchen sink or shower drain pipe at one time, as both the bathroom and the kitchen have been remodeled in the last 8 years by the previous owners.

jimmyfloyd 01-04-2011 03:47 PM

Since everyone likes pictures, here they are

This is the area where the pipe exits. i want to put a laundry sink between the washer and dryer

This is where the pipe goes in the concrete on the floor. You can see the floor drain here, and the Tee'd part of the pipe by the water shutoff. The water for the house comes in just behind the dehumidifier. The diagonal pipe is actually the ground for the electrical panel.

The pipe then travels up, makes a quick jog, and heads towards the back of the house.

Turning around, it does just past the stairs:

And finally ends right here at a 90 degree bend:

And here you can see it in relation to the rest of the plumbing for the drains (Also the location of a previous and hopefully future half bath):

So I hope that helps. I want to remove it and use it for the grey water of the utility sink and the washer/dryer rather than that floor drain. The pipe is fairly old and the caps are corroded on. I tried a 16" pipe wrench to no avail, so it looks like cutting is my next option.

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