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handyman923 08-20-2009 09:34 AM

Reconnecting gas line- corrugated stainless steel
I am remodeling my kitchen and had a corrugated stainless steel gas line coming up through the floor into an island cabinet. In order to install the new island cabinet, I had to disconnect the shut-off valve on the end of the gas line to temporrarily push it thru the floor.

Now that I am ready to re-connect the gas line, can I use the same "compression ring" on the old corrugated stainless steel to make the connection? Or do I have to have a plumber make a new connection?


plumber Jim 08-20-2009 07:44 PM

If you are talking about CSST gas pipe then it should be done by a plumber who is certified in whatever brand you have.

Just Bill 08-21-2009 06:20 AM

What Jim said, most localities do not want homeowners working on gas lines

That said, I don't think flex gas lines are allowed to penetrate walls, and there are no gaskets, washers etc., in gas lines, they are flare couplings. DON'T resue old flex lines, or valves.

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