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mpt1123 01-19-2010 05:45 AM

Re-using a drain cleanout
I'm installing a small bar with a sink in a basement rec room. The bar will be against a wall, open on the left, and up against a utility closet on the right. The ceiling is finished. There's a small access panel directly above where I need to install the cabinets. The access panel is for access to a drain cleanout. I want to do two things with this cleanout. First, I want to close off the access panel, so I was thinking of connecting a drain line to the cleanout and running it about 8' to the right to the utility closet. The cleanout would now be in the utility closet. I also plan to have the bar sink next to the utility closet. I'll place a sanivite pump in the utility closet, the bar sink will drain into the sanivite. Can I pump the waste from the sanivite up to the new line I just attached to the cleanout? I'll add a new cleanout where the sanivite and new line connect. It would save me a lot of time and make things a lot easier.

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