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71Whaler 09-02-2009 03:01 PM

re-routing washer drain
I want to move my washing machine into a large closet that is off of one of my bathrooms on the 1st floor. Currently the washer is in an utility room that is off the kitchen however I am remodeling the kitchen and want to incorperate that space into the design so I have a larger kitchen. My house was built in 1935 and when the washer was installed they ran the drain line and connected to the kitchen sink drain. Works fine except for some gurgling noise which we are OK with. My question is, if I move the washer to the closet off the bathroom, can I run the drain and connect it to the drain for either the bathroom sink or the shower? The distance would be aproximately 5-6' (which is the distance it now runs to the kitchen sink). I have done some basic research and know that I need to install a trap and run the pipe so that there is 1/2" of slope for each 1' of distance. I already have water in the closet as my water heater is in this location so I just need to add the drain and electrical connections. Any thoughts? thanks for any responses.

Plumber101 09-02-2009 07:56 PM

I would tell you first the a wahing machine needs to be a 2" line and you might be able to connect it to the shower drain with a sanitary "T"

Also slope is 1/4" per foor and any trapped fixture with a 2" line max run to a vert stack is 8".

OH, don't connect it to a sink or lav drain because a lav drain is 1 1/2" pipe

majakdragon 09-03-2009 11:30 AM

Most newer codes require 2" pipe for washer drains. Reason is that newer washers have stronger pumps and 1-1/2" will back-up or clog faster. Never heard of 1/2" slope on drain piping for 2" or smaller drains. Used to be 1/8" per foot but increased to 1/4" per foot later. I agree with Plumber 101 on the best connection.

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